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May 20, 2013

The Call of The Wild

4th Quarter Writing

Jewel Brown

Period 5

"He walked to the centre of the open space and listened. It was the call, the many- noted call, sounding more luringly and compellingly than ever before." -Call of The Wild, Chapter 7. In "Call of The Wild," by Jack London, Buck howls and discovers the ways of the wild. The howling means that Buck is learning to live in the wild from the formation  on his ancestors.

Buck’s reactions to the changes around him are explicating the call of the wild and the howling. Buck’s responding to everything throughout the entire story. Some of the his reactions are: his feet become rigid, most of his weight is muscle, he craves warm blood instead of cold fish, he plows a hole in the snow, and he starts howling to the sky. In chapter 2 it says “Buck confidently selected a spot, and with much fuss and waste effort proceeded to dig a hole for himself. In a trice the heat from his body filled the confined space and he was asleep.” Buck is reacting to everything because he has never been there before so he adapts briskly and begins to howl to the sky.

Buck’s dream by the fire are broadcasting the call of the wild. What Buck dreamed about is a hairy man that was probably a prehistoric man or forefather. So the author is presenting that he is getting his wolf senses and starting to adapt to the wild life. In chapter 4 it says “At other times this hairy man squatted by the fire with head between his legs and slept. On such occasions his elbows were on his knees, his hands clasped above his head as though to shed rain by the hairy arms.” Buck’s dream by the fire showed an ancestor or cavemen that lived in the wild preparatory to him .

The howling means that Buck is learning to live in the wild based on his antecedents. Buck is reacting to everything because he has never been there previously so he adapts abruptly and starts howling to the sky. Buck’s dream by the fire displayed an ancestor or cavemen that lived in the undomesticated, untamed wild. “And when, on the still cold nights, he pointed his nose at a star and howled long and wolflike, it was his ancestors, dead and dust, pointing nose at star and howling down through the centuries and through him.” - Jack London, Call of The Wild, Chapter 2

I liked that I didn't write a lot but got my point across.
I wonder if the essay would have been better if I read the book more closely.
How might this essay be better if I used bigger words?
What if I wrote about something I liked; I think it would have been a lot better.

 17, 2013
Th Boston Marathon is very sad. There is no reason to believe that the whole thing is sad though. Yes, it is depressing that somebody would set bombs off and yes, it is sad that a lot of people got hurt and killed. There is no reason to believe that the whole thing is bad. A lot of people were allowing people to come to their house and stay a while. Its shows that a lot of people still care.

February 1, 2013
As a class we have to read "The Giver".  We have only read about the first chapter and you can tell its not like a normal book. I believe that this book is in the future so they have some different terms like instead of saying I'm 13 years old they say I am a 13. So that's pretty weird and they also say released like people can be released. I'm pretty sure that means killed because they use it like it means that. So the setting is in a Utopia but it sounds like a Dystopia too. They have rules like you have to tell your feelings to your family at night, so that's not awful but some people (Like Me) don't like telling other people and would rather just not say anything at all. Also they pick your career so you don't get to choose it and also they pick your family. You don't have children you get children assigned to you and you can only have 2, one boy and one girl. So I would not enjoy living where ever they are I think that I would rather live in Indiana.

 January 28, 2013 

In Language Arts we had 16 vocabulary words. My favorite 4 words were Wheedle, Supplementary, Prominent, and Shudder. I like this 4 words because they are so much better then using boring, normal words. I could say that the guy shuddered from being so terrified instead of saying the guy was scared so he got chills. I think that its so much better and more "exciting" to read. 

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