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You can only be young once, but you can always be 

. Thats my favorite quote. I live in Plymouth 

Indiana and live with my mom and Sister. I am in 7th 

grade at Lincoln Jr. High. My name is Jewel Brown and I 

am a girl. I have long light brown hair with blue eyes and I 

enjoy food. For my goals I want to graduate high school, 

and go to Notre Dame maybe even be in the NAVY. I am 

not sure what I want to be when I get older 

because their is so many options. think it would be cool to 

be a zoo keeper, study animals or like 

something super fun. I would never work as something where I 

couldn't move around or be stuck in an office. If I had a short term goal it would be to have better 

handwriting because its not to good or have better spelling. I made this portfolio because my language 

arts teacher said that it was an assignment and I don't like failing. I do the best in Science and Math. My 

worst is Geography or Social Studies because I am AWFUL at locating places. I am also horrible at 

spelling so I am very glad that this is online and I have spellcheck even though I have typo's. Reading is 

okay, but I can only read for so long before I get bored and look at everything else. Going to school is 

okay but I don't really like when its just report after report then it gets super boring like writing this 

whole blog entry. My favorite color is Green, Orange, and then Teal! SO THANKS AND BYE!

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